Requirements & Calibres

Every hunter needs to practice their shooting beforehand as it is important to be comfortable with your firearm and how it performs. Long range shooting will be required for various plains game species. Which means it is important that hunters be comfortable with shooting from all positions and more especially shooting off a tripod (shooting sticks) at distances up to 300 yards.

If you are hunting any of the Big 5 we recommend a minimum calibre of .375 (which is required by law) and the best quality soft and solid ammunition available for your particular calibre – e.g. Swift A-Frame, Barnes or Federal. For plains game any calibre in the .270 to .300 range will suffice. Good quality soft point ammunition e.g. Federal premium ammunition or Swift A-Frame would be suitable. Please ensure that ammunition is capable of distance trajectory. Since long range shooting is sometimes required, a good variable scope is essential.

Firearm Import / Export Information

Keep in mind that the gun control regulations change regularly and we stay up to date with any and all changes. The following information is a guideline:

South Africa:
There are stringent regulations regarding the import and export of firearms into South Africa and as a result strict documentation is required from hunters entering the country. This documentation can at times be rather complicated and involved and there is no room for error. We therefore highly recommend the services of a company called Air 2000 Hunters Support. They specialize in assisting overseas hunters with the registration of their firearms prior to their arrival in the country. Pre-issued gun permits can be arranged in advance at a cost of approximately $160 per person, irrespective of the number of firearms. Hunters Support will ensure that you have a hassle free ride through customs, thereby alleviating you of any unforeseen mishaps. For those that choose not to make use of the services of Hunter’s Support, you will need to contact the relevant officials in your country to have the necessary documentation processed. We strongly advise all clients to make use of the services of Hunter’s Support. Those clients that have, we can assure you, will not hesitate in recommending their services.

Hunters Support can be contacted directly at: or through their website where you can access permit application forms directly. Dealing directly with them eliminates unnecessary duplication and confusion.

South African Law

South African law stipulates that overseas hunters are allowed to bring into the country: 

- A maximum of 4 firearms (no more than 1 of the same calibre) per person.
- A maximum of 200 rounds of ammunition per calibre.
- No ammunition may be packed with a firearm. It must be packed separately and needs to be included in checked luggage.