Bow Hunting Clothing and Equipment


Lightweight camouflage or khaki clothing and comfortable, smooth soft-soled walking boots are recommended during the hunt.  For cold mornings and evenings, a sweater and windproof  jacket are required. However during the day, we suggest sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for your comfort.  When packing for your trip, please keep in mind that laundry is done on a daily basis.  Also include a flashlight and reading material. Clients transferring to hunting area via charted aircrafts should pack minimilly. Don't forget binoculars and camera.

BOWS/EQUIPMENT (recommended): 

Broadheads: No mechanical heads
Arrows: 500 grains for plains game. 850 min for Buffalo
We don’t recommend lightweight arrows and no Hunter will be allowed to hunt with arrows weighing less than 450 grains.


Long - 60lbs min - Plains Game
Long - 80lbs min - Buffalo
Recurve - 55lbs min - Plains Game
Recurve - 80lbs min - Buffalo
Compound - 50lbs min - Plains Game
Compound - 75lbs min - buffalo

*Please Note:  
These weights have all been calculated on the 27" Draw lengths, if you draw less, then add 10lbs to the Bow.  Our most successful arrows weigh over 600 grains on Plains Game.


When bringing a video camera or any other electrical appliance, please pack converters for the country you are visiting.  In South Africa we use 3 pronged round hole plugs and some 2 pronged round hole plugs.

Electric current is 220V.