Clothing and Equipment


Lightweight camouflage or khaki clothing and comfortable smooth soft-soled walking boots are recommended during the hunt.  For cold morning and evenings, a sweater and windproof jacket are required.

However during the day, we suggest  sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for your comfort.  When packing for your trip, please keep in mind that laundry is done on a daily basis.

Also include a flashlight and reading material.  Clients transferring to hunting area via chartered aircraft should pack minimally.  Don’t forget binoculars and camera.


Because African Game has an incredible ability to endure we suggest a rifle ranging from a .300 caliber onwards. For dangerous game a .375 or larger caliber is required. Though ammunition is available in South Africa it is best to bring a good supply with you.

Should you be unable to bring a rifle and ammunition these are available for hire at $25 per day (30-06, 300 Win). 


You need to declare your rifles and bring copies of “proof of ownership”. Temporary rifle permits are issued at your port of entry into South Africa or Zimbabwe.


Limited bird hunting is available and booked upon request.  For the pot: maximum 2 guinea fowl, thereafter $10 per guinea fowl and $5 per sand grouse, dove or francolin.   


When bringing a video camera or any other electrical appliance, please pack convertors for the country you are visiting.  In South Africa we use 3 pronged round hole plugs and some 2 pronged round hole plugs.

Electric current is 220V.